Wednesday, January 31, 2007

3) The End of the Rainbow -Tools To Make You A Fortune

There are thousands of sites and tools for investors to research the stock market and economy, but which ones should an investor use? I have spent countless hours and heard from hundreds of analyst and investors to find the sites that are worth an investor’s time. These sites are located on my link list under Resource List – Tools of the Trade. I will get into more detail further on, but I would first like to explain my two link lists and the differences between them. The online resources I have included on my blog’s link list were chosen for their academic content, resourceful tools, and accurate and credible news sources. I have separated the link lists into two categories for a couple reasons. First, the two lists separate the content that is found on the sites. The Resource List contains news sites and stock quoting that can benefit any investor find the information they need for any particular company that is publicly traded on an exchange. These sites probably have recognizable names because they are run by large companies that provide economic information to millions of people, therefore, are reliable sources for economic news and trading information. On the other hand, the Online Blog and News Resources section contains some blogs that I have commented on or are planning on commenting on, as well as, sites that speculate on economic conditions and public companies. As time goes on, I hope to add several more blogs on this site along with any other informational sites that can assist the average investor.

I have not found any true blogs that concentrate entirely on stock market transitions and economic news. I have found stock market blogs that are more of a one way street with basic speculation and news surrounding a given public company or industry sector. The section of my blog Online Blog and News Resources contains some valuable sites for gaining information through analyst forecast and analysis. The first site is Dan Carty’s gaming stock article that links to several other sectors he has covered. This site helped me evaluate some of the speculation I have written about regarding Macau and some of the larger gambling companies. Secondly is the site Seeking Alpha. This link is more specific to the housing industry and the latest articles concentrate on the swirl of information surrounding the decline of the real estate market. Next is Zachs Research Blog, which is a news stream of major plays they are making as a stock research company. Zachs gives suggestion on what stocks to buy, as most analysts’ do, and they provide it through this blog that is updated throughout the day. Further down the list is Jim Cramer Blog, which centers around the well-known analyst Jim Cramer, which I have gone into greater detail on January 24th, 2007. The last three blogs are all financial newsletter stocks that update daily with news surrounding the market and economic conditions. I primarily like Blogging Stocks since it is an extension of AOL Money and seems to have some great news articles everyday. Ultimately, these sites are written very similarly and have the same primary audience. They cater to the everyday investor who is looking to research a stock they own or planning on buying.

Now the most important of these sites are under Tools of the Trade. AOL Money, Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, and CBS Marketwatch all provide the same resources with certain aspects being different. Some people prefer one to the other, but it is mainly a personal preference. I use Google and CBS more often, but only cause I am use to these and have been using them for a while. In addition, these sites will help all investors look up quotes for any public company providing them with pages and pages of information to give an investor all the data they need to research a company they are interested in. Moving away from these sites the last three are primarily different from all the other sites I have suggested. First, American Bulls is a momentum trading site that shows the formation of certain characters that some people believe provides adequate information to invest from. For example, LVS is showing a HIGH WAVE today therefore there is indecision in the market. The site posts a BUY-IF $104.07 based off of the HIGH WAVE formation. Sometimes these signals help and other times they do not. I would suggest if using these formations to also use a secondary source to research the stock further. Next is and Mad Money Recap which are both sites related to Jim Cramer. is an analyst/news site that was started by Jim Cramer. The site offers many analysts speculation that an investor must pay for. Furthermore, it may be worth the money since the research is backed by a strong reputation in Jim Cramer and the status of the site in the economic world. In addition, Jim Cramer has his own blog on this site, but a viewer must pay for access to that as well. Lastly, is Mad Money Recap which just posts the recap to Jim Cramer’s analyst show “Mad Money.” Cramer is well respected in a lot of circles, so it wise to look over this recap to see if he has mentioned anything about a stock within an investor’s portfolio. All of these sights can help an investor improve their research on any public company. It is knowledgeable to research any stock an investor may want to purchase in-depth using a variety of the tools previously mentioned along with other strategies and sites that may be out in the investing world.

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